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I’m answering another 11 questions tagged post and this time, it’s from Patricia (thank you so so much & I’m ever so sorry to respond this late) ❤

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My dad and I attended his aunt’s 75th birthday party last night at La Vista, Quezon City.

It was my first time to see her, she’s a sister of my lola who’s been deceased long ago—even before my dad met my mother.

It was a fancy party, crowded with relatives whom I never knew. My dad knew them though, of course. Never in my life have I experienced family reunions, casual visits from cousins (except for my closest cousins from my mother’s side, we used to be neighbors until they moved to Davao) I barely even know them! Bottomline, my relatives from my mother and father’s side live way back in our province (yes my mom and dad come from the same province) and we don’t get to visit them. Also, my grandparents from both sides are dead.

Last night, even though we were related to the celebrator, I felt inferior compared to the other guests; even to those who were only friends. It was my first time to meet her, and all the other people there have known her for a long, long time. It was when I felt a little jealousy running through my system because I have seen a couple of families who were the closest to her. I reckon they were her children and grandchildren. They seemed so happy, and I felt like I lacked something. Seeing her grandchildren made me even more jealous. I have never experienced growing up with a lolo/lola. I always thought that it was a myth how an old man/woman with fine garments would visit you occasionally and bring you cookies and presents. I’ve always wondered how my childhood and or my whole life would have been if I had a grandparent by my side. It seemed unfair to me, how such a thing as that was quite real and yet it was only a mere daydream for me. I never questioned my parents though, and so my dad and I went home.

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*Squeezing in a little update*

Highlight of today: 

We were asked to design a unique and creative but simple outline of the initials of our names. We then had to cut it out and use the paper we cut-out from as a stencil. I ran out of ideas so this is what I came up with because it seemed quite relevant to my persona. We taped the so-called stencil on a magazine page and we had to copy and draw what was seen in the hole/stencil. Out of all the plates we did, I had the most fun doing this. Mine turned out to look like a page from the comics tho or a cartoon version or something ;A; Basically, my other blockmates’ works looked more realistic. But when I had it checked, my prof commended me for the lettering because he told me that it wasn’t something you can just search on Google. It was purely composed of my idea and he found it creative (srsly??) He told me he loved the concept and that my drawing was great (again, srsly??) then I thanked him and almost left. I totally forgot that he was supposed to grade my work. He told me to wait then showed me my grade for the plate.

And surprisingly, *drumroll…..*

I got a perfect score for this! Which was waayyyy unexpected! And I was the only one to get a perfect score so I was like “WEEHH NO KIDDING??” and he was like "ayaw mo?" "Ay joke lang thank you po huhu" Best Tuesday so far! 

P.S. I used a 6B pencil and not a ballpen, nanggigil lang ako. (HAHA)

Anonymous asked: Still hoping that a scientist will make a future breakthrough that reverses mental retardation. - Black sheep

Come on, you know you’re better than that. All you have to do is focus on what you’re good at doing and stop absorbing everyone else’s opinions and expectations of you. 

Not sure when that will happen but you can always reverse your own retardation haha. Though you probably aren’t retarded, just stop thinking that you are lol you r hella rad and u need to get off and be kind to yourself—someone’s gotta do it! Anyway, I’m off to bed because I am tired and sleepy. Goodnight, anon! :-)

Anonymous asked: I'm just a black sheep to my family, not doing useful things. Just sitting here sending how are yous to anyone. My life is such a wreck.

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Anonymous asked: How are you yesterday? 7x7=14, 2:18:20 AM

Yesterday was a fine Sunday for me even though I got a bit stressed. That’s all haha. Everything turned out good anyway :) Thanks for asking, anon! How about you?

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