Late nights and early parades

ADHOC 2014

Here are some snaps of us from the biggest college party of the year. 

I repeat, we don’t drink or party though, we went for the pictures haha!

Photo credits go to the marvelous Jill Lacno.

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Bazooka Rocks Fest II

Here’s to finally seeing my heroes. Happy BRF2 anniversary!


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Release your high hopes, and they’ll survive.

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So much has happened within a span of one week and I’m back to finally share everything with you guys.

  • This week has been soooo hectic it was insane! There was so much school work to be done and I spent 4 days straight without having any sleep for it!
  • Finals is fast approaching! And by that, I mean it’s already our finals right after this weekend. ;A; *whispers* help me
  • Still so much to be done though, but I just need to be patient to finish everything. It’s almost the end of the first term and I can’t wait to get it over with!!!
  • I finally got myself that Rose Quartz necklace I’ve been eyeing.
  • Oh and I forgot to share it with you guys, but I bought some cool socks online about a month ago and must I say, these socks are reppiiinnnnn’
  • There’s this thing called ‘reading slump’ though I wonder if there’s such a thing as ‘painting slump’ because I think I have gotten myself into it. I recovered tho, I’m back to painting and I hope I can post some soon!
  • Well there’s the fact that my laptop and its charger broke. My dad surprised me with a new laptop (for my MMA needs) and there’s also the fact that he went out to have my old laptop fixed! I AM UNWORTHY OF MY PARENTS’ LOVE
  • I went to ADHOC last night!!! Don’t judge me tho (I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t party) because we just went to take pictures! Kunwari cool kidz kami pero takot uminom HAHA. The floor was coated in beer and there were floating condoms everywhere! (Just like in BRF2). I might post about it soon! 
  • Nandun yung chicser sa adhoc wtf bye

I’ll try to post more often. Keep in touch and wish me luck!

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The second one’s inspired by a photograph from Kimi Juan’s Instagram (or at least I tried)

I also have an obsession with painting night skies in case you’ve noticed

(These happen to be old artworks in which I needed to get off of my drafts eheh)

A little something I dug out from the past.

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