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Luna (April 15, 2014)

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April 15, 2014’s Full Moon through my telescope; past 3 am

Well I have this calendar of astronomical events and it said that there was going to be an eclipse today. I saw it coming like months before so I promised myself I’d spend the whole night with my Halley when April 15 comes. So the news went on Twitter and Facebook but I also did my own research and calculations then I found out that it wasn’t really going to be visible here in Manila. But I wasn’t closed to the possibility of witnessing the Blood Moon so I waited for hours. I double-checked the time (UTC, EST, whatever) the eclipse might show but the results were pretty accurate that it wouldn’t really be seen here—which is a total bummer. Although, I still have a chance to see it later when the moon rises, I hope it wouldn’t be too late since it might be about to end by then. To not make matters worse, I decided to consume my mom’s homemade fries and check out the full moon just as it is, since it’s already beautiful the way it is. Oh and I did see Mars, it’s at opposition today. Just a bright red star near the moon. Anyway, I’m just glad that out of all the cameras available at home that couldn’t take photos through my telescope, there’s still my old crappy phone (which lived through ages) that I never got rid of (best decision) even if I already got a new one. It doesn’t have the best quality but it sure can capture some heavenly bodies through my telescope’s eyepieces. Still, it sure would have been better if I saw the total lunar eclipse up close—yes that would be pretty rad—but I can always take photos of the moon looking reddish (and by that I mean when it’s as low as hell and it’s about to set) and that would be pretty cool too, if only I had all the time in the world. I hope I can still catch it tonight, I’d still give it a shot. Even this kind of thing takes a bit of sacrifice, in terms of time and sleep. But if there’s one thing I learned, I guess that’s how it really is when it comes to this passion of mine. It takes real dedication, patience, commitment, and when you get disappointed, you should still have the willingness to continue pursuing it. I crave a lot of answers to know more about the great outer limits, I just have to stay curious and keep this passion burning!

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Title: Jessica Artist: Regina Spektor 84 plays

I can’t write a song for you

I’m out of melodies

I can’t write a song for you,

but I am asking please

It was the most boring afternoon ever, and the sun wasn’t really helping

Afternoons at the park

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